Encore Award Winners Weekend – October 28th-30th, 2016

Join us on October 21st – 23rd for 33 films, visiting filmmakers, and special programs and then October 28th – 30th for two additional young adult films and eight award-winning encores.
Check back for the full schedule soon! 

ACFF 2016 Official Selection Laurels large

OCTOBER 22 – 25 and NOVEMBER 1, 2015

Below is an outline of the 2015 festival schedule – find film descriptions and links HERE.
You also may download the 2015 ACFF Schedule.
Note: number after title indicates running time

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22    – Special Event at NCTC Byrd Auditorium

7:00 All Over the Map: I Dream of Seney  (20)
Q&A with Peter Schriemer, filmmaker – All Over the Map: I Dream of Seney
7:40 The Power of One Voice: A 50 Year Perspective on the Life of Rachel Carson (52)
Post -show discussion with Mark Dixon, filmmaker – The Power of One Voice


BLOCK 1: Wild, Wonderful, Endangered WV at Byrd Center for Legislative Studies
6:30   Blood on the Mountain (88)
Panel discussion with:
Davitt McAteer, mine safety expert
Mari-Lynn Evans, filmmaker – Blood on the Mountain
Mary Anne Hitt, Director of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign
8:15*  Elk River Blues (57)
9:13*   Poisoned: WV Water Crisis (2)
Post show discussion with Mike Youngren, filmmaker – Elk River Blues and panelists above
Keely Kernan, filmmaker – Poisoned WV Water Crisis will also be attending
* start time altered from printed schedule

BLOCK 2: Broncos and Bison: Threats to Western Wildlife at Shepherdstown Opera House
7:00 A Line in the Sand (3)
7:05 Unbranded (105)
Q&A with Dennis Aig  – Producer of Unbranded and Interim Director of the School of Film and Photography, MFA Program Head at Montana State
9:00* Silencing the Thunder (27)
Q&A with Eddie Roqueta, student filmmaker – Silencing the Thunder
* start time altered from printed schedule

WHEN: 9:30 – midnight
WHERE: Domestic, 117 East German St.
Get Shaken and Stirred with ACFF at Tito’s Night at domestic restaurant!  Special cocktail offerings, free nibbles, late night dinner menu, and mingling with friends and filmmakers
Sponsored by Tito’s Handmade Vodka.


BLOCK 3: Diversity and Destruction: Islands and Icebergs at NCTC Byrd Auditorium
12:30 Islands of Creation (46) Broadcast Award Winner!
Q&A with Neil Losin, filmmaker- Islands of Creation & presentation of the ACFF Broadcast Award
1:25   Chasing Ice (76) 

BLOCK 4: Charismatic Critters for Curious Kids – and Their Parents! at NCTC Family Theater, 151 Instructional West Building
12:30  Flamingo Factory (7)
Q&A with Christy & Turk Pipkin, filmmakers – Flaming Factory & co-founders of the Nobelity Project
12:45* Electric Amazon (46)
1:35*  FINconceivable (4)
1:40*  Siyaya- Come Wild with Us: Searching for White Eye (26)
Mark Madison, U.S. FWS Historian presents “Suitcase for Survival” a hands-on educational tool kit to teach youth about endangered species.
* start time altered from printed schedule

BLOCK 5: Bats, Tigers, Vultures and the Ring of Fire at Shepherdstown Opera House
1:00 Natural World: The Bat Man of Mexico (64) U.S. Premiere !
2:08   Zapovednik – When Men and Tigers Meet in the East (17) U.S. Premiere!
2:27   Vultures of Tibet (21)
2:50   Life on Wallace’s Line (20) U.S. Premiere!
Q&A with Nick and Cheryl Dean, filmmakers – Life on Wallace’s Line

BLOCK 6: Discovering Ocean Mysteries and Your Passion in Nature at NCTC Family Theater, 151 Instructional West Building
2:30  Legends of the Deep: The Giant Squid (52)
3:25   Dare to be Wild (102)
Discussion with Susan Keegan, US Producer, Dare to Be Wild

BLOCK 7: Africa, India, Washington, and WV: Impacts of Intervention at NCTC Byrd Auditorium
3:15   Last Days of Ivory (3)
3:20   Pathways to Coexistence (18) World Premiere!
Q&A with Amanda Stronza, Director of Ecoexist Project
3:45*  Snowy Owl Goes to Washington (15)
A few words from Tim Persinko, filmmaker – Snowy Owl Goes to Washington
4:0o*   Broken Landscape (13)
4:20*   Overburden (66)
* start time altered from printed schedule

BLOCK 8: Extreme Nature: Outdoor Adventures in Wild Places at Shepherdstown Opera House
4:15  Co2ld Waters (11)
4:30  The Little Things (47)
5:20   North of the Sun (46)
6:09   Nature Rx: Prescription Strength (3)

BLOCK 9: Eating the Planet at Shepherdstown Opera House
7:00 Add One Back (17)
Q&A with Sam Sheline, student filmmaker – Add One Back
7:25*   No Jile (10)
7:40*  Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (91)
* start time altered from printed schedule

BLOCK 10: Con Men and Conservation at Reynolds Hall
7:00 Black Gold (5)
7:07 White Earth (20) Student Award Winner!
7:30 Merchants of Doubt (94) Green Fire Award Winner!
9:05 Nature Rx: Prescription Strength (3)

WHEN: 9:30 – midnight
WHERE: Blue Moon Café, 200 East High St.
Sponsored by Younis Orthodontics.


BLOCK 11: ISO Sustainable Food at Shepherdstown Opera House
12:00 Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective (92)
Discussion with Josh Evans, Permaculture Designer and Teacher
1:40  GMO OMG (84)

BLOCK 12: Better Living in the Urban Jungle at Byrd Center for Legislative Studies   SOLD OUT!
We have a few seats held back for Reel Friends and full festival pass holders but encourage everyone to consider attending Blocks 11 and 13 at the Opera House!  
2:00 Gateway (5)
2:07 City of Trees (74) World Premiere!
Discussion with:
Julie Mawhorter, US Forest Service
Steve Coleman, Pres. Washington Parks & People
Michael Samuels, Green Corp employee
Lance and Brandon Kramer, filmmakers – City of Trees
3:35   Bike vs. Cars (88)

BLOCK 13: New Perspectives on Vanishing Wildlife at Shepherdstown Opera House
3:45  XBoundary (6)
3:53  Last Dragons: Protecting Appalachia’s Hellbenders (10)
4:05   Osprey: Marine Sentinel (15) World Premiere!
Q&A with Jacob Steinberg, filmmaker-Osprey: Marine Sentinel
4:25*   Rare European Lake Trout (12)
4:40*  Secrets of the Hive (46)
* start time altered from printed schedule

BLOCK 14: Waste Not, Want Not at Byrd Center for Legislative Studies
5:30  Racing to Zero: In Pursuit of Zero Waste (57)
Discussion with Barbara Hartman, Chief of Nutrition and Food Service at the local VA Hospital
6:40   Just Eat It: A Food Waste Movie (73)

BLOCK 15 Urgent Calls to Action at Shepherdstown Opera House
6:15   Tiger, Tiger (90)
8:05   Revolution (85)

Block 1 Revisited & Block 16
Shepherdstown Opera House

Due to popular demand, we are rescreening Block 1 for those who were regrettably turned away on Friday night.  Both blocks are offered on a free or “pay as you can” basis, and we highly encourage you to register HERE. Seats not reserved will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.

Block 1 Revisited – Wild, Wonderful, Endangered WV

1pm – Blood on the Mountain (88 minutes)

2:30 – Elk River Blues (57 minutes)

3:27 – Poisoned: WV Water Crisis (2 minutes)

Block 16 – Award Winners Encore – sponsored by The Observer
The Observer will match all donations for this event up to $500!

4:30 – White Earth (20 minutes) – Student Award Winner

4:55 – Islands of Creation (46 minutes) – Broadcast Award Winner

5:45 – Merchants of Doubt (94 minutes) – Green Fire Award Winner

7:25 – City of Trees ((74 minutes) – Audience Choice Award Winner

*There will be an approximately 5 minute break between each film in Block 16 to allow for people to come and go as they wish.

Byrd Center for Legislative Studies – 213 North King Street (on Shepherd University Campus)
Shepherdstown Opera House – 131 West German Street
Reynolds Hall – 109 North King Street (on Shepherd University Campus)
NCTC – National Conservation Training Center – 698 Conservation Way – Family Theater & Auditorium

  • Screenings at NCTC and the November 1st Encore Night are on a “pay as you can” basis.
  • Film times and venues are subject to change, so please check back closer to the event for the latest start times and locations.
  • Advance tickets are available online at here now!