Life Story – First Steps

59 Minutes
Filmmakers: Tom Hugh-Jones,Rupert Barrington

Click Image For Trailer!

Click Image For Trailer!

Vulnerable, naïve, and determined, some young animals face their biggest challenges in the first few days of life. Barnacle geese goslings take a leap of faith, falling tens of meters, just for their first meal. A tiny, young long-eared jerboa faces the daunting nighttime world of the Gobi desert completely alone. And at just 2 months old, a humpback calf embarks on a migration halfway around the world. In infancy, every challenge is a new one. How a creature fares at the very beginning of its life is the foundation upon which their future success depends. 

Screens on Saturday, October 22 during BLOCK 3, which begins at noon at the National Conservation Training Center.

As part of ACFF’s Youth an Family Programming, this film will be followed by a live animal presentation by Blue Ridge Wildlife Center!